Our Story

Thank you for choosing Care By Design! When you buy a product from us, you are part of a mission to provide overall support to local small businesses and communities. Care By Design is a woman owned business and it’s founders are very active in local non-profits through volunteer work and fundraising. Our Health and Wellness Market’s vision is to always come from a place of care while giving you the joy of knowing that you are making a tangible difference to others.

All brands that Care By Design Health and Wellness Market carries have a story to tell. With an array of products from innovative entrepreneurs to esteemed small businesses in Michigan, you become an altruistic champion by supporting the flourishing of local businesses and communities. To date we retain a 95% customer return and reorder rate.

Humble Beginnings

Care By Design Health and Wellness Market’s modest inception began unintentionally while struggling with health issues and looking for additional choices. A very confusing industry was found. The solution to the problem was simple yet revolutionary: to create a space where people can come to find options to support their health goals with great products and education.

CBD Today

Care By Design Health and Wellness is passionate about inspiring people to help make tomorrow better by encouraging people to include giving into everything they do. Our hope is to see a future full of community driven mindsets within our world’s businesses and individuals.

Thanks to the passing of the 2018 Farm bill, broad and full spectrum CBD products are legal to sell in all 50 states. We guarantee the potency, purity, and safety of our products by utilizing 3rd party independent lab testing with COA. We meet all state & federal compliance rules & regulations.The finished product is manufactured using GMP, or ISO-certified processes that adhere to CGMP and FDA regulations. Our products meet the absolute highest level of customer satisfaction and quality using industrial grown hemp.

The feedback from our customers and wholesale partners indicates that consumers are trending towards purchasing products with higher dosages per unit. If this is something you feel you may need, please contact us at admin@carebydesignmarket.com or use the feedback form below. We will always ensure that we meet you our customer’s needs!

Our Brands

Care By Design Health and Wellness is part of a group of brands that services the larger community of CBD enthusiasts and cannabis enthusiasts.  Please explore our sister company websites with the links below:

Canna Cousins Cultivators

Care By Design Market Holdings

Freshwater Cannabis Company

Freshwater Cannabis Foundation


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