Lifeline Blend CBD Tincture - Pain Blend
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  • Simple to Measure – Our dropper has easy to read measure markers to make sure you get the correct dose each time!
  • Easy to Use – You can drop your measured tinctured right into your coffee, tea, or you can put it directly under your tongue and swallow, for the fastest results!
  • For Everyone – If you have an endocannabinoid system (you do!) then CBD could help improve your quality of life!
  • You have Options – We offer 5 patented blends to choose from, so you can find exactly what suits you best!


Why did we create these tinctures?

The synergistic combination of the cannabinoids, hemp seed oil, and terpenes (which are the essential oils in all plant life that have their own medicinal benefits) amplify the effects more than if they were alone. This is why we created our Lifeline blends.

The Science behind these amazing tinctures:

The Primary active ingredient CBD is enhanced by secondary compounds (minor cannabinoids, terpenes and the hemp seed carrier oil)Research evidence shows that higher levels of minor cannabinoids found in Cannabis Such as CBG, CBN and CBC enhance the ability for our Lifeline Hemp oil to not just increase the possible overall health benefits but also the ability to possibly help target specific issues such as Anxiety, Pain, Focus, Sleep and Everyday Wellness.

We have achieved this based on the amount of and which Cannabinoids, terpenoids are used. All of our Lifeline may help with everyday issues such as immunosuppression, cerebral blood flow, enhance cortical activity, kill respiratory pathogens, along with providing strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Why we use hemp seed oil as our carrier:

The hemp seed itself is also considered a valued part of our blends due to the nutritional and health properties including essential fatty acids, and its ability to encapsulate phytocannabinoids, and terpenoids.

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Certificate of Analysis – Pain Blend

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4 reviews for Lifeline Blend CBD Tincture – Pain Blend

  1. Jen Jones

    The Lifeline Pain Blend has been wonderful for a friend of mine that suffers with chronic pain due to some substantial injuries he has sustained throughout his life as well as severe arthritis. Using this blend daily allows him to move around with greater ease and mitigates much of the pain he experiences so he can continue to work without discomfort, and less recovery time for him when he does overdo it. I have also been utilizing this tincture while I have been recovering from surgery and it has helped immensely throughout my recovery process. I highly recommend this tincture!

  2. trevorm

    The effects of the Pain Blend are unsurpassable. If you are struggling with any sort of pain, This is the product for you. The Pain blend helps me deal with the day to day pain resulting from playing college football, which has resulted in me being able to live a better, healthier, happier life.

  3. adrienne

    Love this product! It helps to dull my daily pain, and it’s a miracle during that special time of the month for us women. Highly recommended!

  4. ryzin.sprague

    I have had chronic migraines for as long as I can remember and the prescribed medications did nothing but upset my stomach. I’ve tried some CBD in the past that didn’t work so I was hesitant to try this but I was very happy with the result. I took a dropper full during a migraine and it stopped it in its tracks and prevented the usual progression of pain and nausea.

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Lifeline Blend CBD Tincture - Pain Blend

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

December 2019

Amazing service & knowledge given to us by owner, Annette Compo! Definitely going back for more Christmas presents and products for myself! And they make delicious kombucha, and their own tea in various yummy flavors too!

September 2019

I have a sore hip and foot. I have been using the 500mg intensive relief cream with very positive results and will be getting this cream regularly. My foot has been noticeably better when using it, and it helps keep my foot from acting up during workouts when I apply some just prior!

December 2019

That kombucha rocks!

November 2019

Customer service was fantastic and knowledge of their products was comprehensive.

April 2020

Delivered quickly and easily!

May 2020

I sure did appreciate our conversation this morning. Thanks so much for caring.

Frank May 2020

I was using the eye cream for the dark circles under my eyes. It worked so well, my wife "borrowed" it from me and wouldn't give it back! I had to come back in and get 2 of the creams so we could each have our own. It works great!

May 2020

Wonderful people to do business with. The products have really eased my pain so I can sleep at night.

Erica April 2020

This place just makes you feel good! Warm, welcoming and inviting!

Colleen June, 2020

I have had quite a bit of knee pain and thought the only way to get relief was shots or opioids that I did not want to take. After much debate my daughter talked me into trying a cbd topical cream. From the moment I walked into care by design I felt very comfortable. Chris helped me and answered so many questions I had. He was very knowledgeable and patient with me and helped me pick out the right combination of cbd products to help relieve my pain. Thank you for taking such good care of me.